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3 Jul 2017

3 Ways To Come Up With Scrapbook Ideas


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Posted By Helene B.

Many people who scrapbook know that once you get going, there are only so many ideas you can come up with to create new, fun pages for your scrapbooks. Sometimes, you end up noticing that you are using the same old ideas over and over again. Without new ideas for your scrapbook hobby, you will probably get tired and give up. What you need to find is inspiration. There are many different ways to come up with new and creative ideas for your next scrapbook.

The first thing you should do for scrapbook ideas is to look at some examples. You can easily find examples from going to a craft store and looking at scrapbook idea books. Most of the time these books are full of the basic steps in getting started with idea for scrapbooking, but there still may be an idea or two that you haven't seen. Another way to find examples of scrapbooks is to ask your family and friends if you can see their scrapbooks. They may have been using an idea that you have never seen before. Although it wouldn't be difficult to copy the idea, try coming up with your own variation of the same idea. Don't just copy an idea because it is easy. Make the idea your own, adding your own special touches.

Another resource is a craft store itself. And don't limit yourself to the isles dedicated to scrapbook supplies. Look around the whole store to get ideas for your next scrapbook. Maybe you can use a different type of material or even create an idea from something that is completely opposite of a scrapbook idea. Play around with your ideas. Try incorporating yarn, fabric, or other crafting supplies in order to come up with next ways to scrapbook your memories.

The last place that you can get great scrapbook ideas from is the internet. There are more than a handful of great online resources where you can find new and interesting scrapbook ideas. Online resources may have ideas that you have never even heard of before. There are also many places online where you can interact with fellow scrapbook enthusiasts in order to collaborate on ideas and share ideas so that you can make your next scrapbook completely original. It is best that if you are taking ideas from people in the chat, forum, or message board, that you also return the favor and share some or your original ideas. You don't have to give away all of your secrets, but make sure that your are giving as much as you are getting from your online resources for scrapbooking.

Getting new ideas for your next scrapbook is easy if you try and think outside of the box. Not every new idea will be good, but you can experiment with your scrapbook pages in order to come up with a new idea that you will be proud to display in your next scrapbook


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